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the service charter provided that we present to patients, families, institutional and social representatives, aim to be the tangible manifestation of the pact between the Clinic and the clients.

The commitments are undertaken by means of information to clients about the services provided, the quality standards offered and the protection and participation methods of the clients themselves.
The Charter is a means to inform and, at the same time, an instrument through which clients can communicate with the Clinic.

Here, in addition to the more general information you will find a detailed description of all medical services and assistance, the departments in which they take place, how to access them and finally how you can participate in improving the relationship between the user and the organisation of the Clinic health service.

The organisation's knowledge and its functioning, but also protocols to follow, will allow you to spend the period of hospitalisation more serenely.

We welcome any of your comments and additions to this guide

We would like to thank you for your kind attention.
The Health and Administrative Management team
Dr. Stefano Marianelli

Casa di Cura Leonardo

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